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About us

The Wappal PLC is dealing with the manufacturing, the distribution and the building in of doors and windows since 1994. Our activity spreads over almost the whole country. The Wappal company We carry out orders of whatever volume, from only one door to even all of an office-blocks doors and windows. Our transports meet the requirements of the European Quality-Assurance standards ( ISO 9002) . The basic colour of the PVC(vinyl) profiles is white and to the requirement of the client it can also be painted with some special paint in any of the colours of the RAL range, while the basic colour of aluminium is its natural one and it can also be coloured in a colour from the RAL range.

The Wymar 5-chamber PVC doors and windows are manufactured with the German Winkhaus hidden iron mountings, while our aluminium structures are assembled from the GreeceBLK aluminium profile systems. Our new product line is the wood or aluminium / wood doors, windows from the german Holz Schiller profiles. Our products also include Doora door cases. Besides, we are at the disposal of every client and mutual seller with the sale of different import glasses ( GUARDIAN ) from Orosháza, Hungary.

Those who had already built something - just like us - are able to understand you the most. Because we had also carefully reflected, planned and of course counted for many hours- just like you -.

Now we know that at a construction the most important thing is to find the right partners - building engineers, building managers and industrialists -, who are skilled and reliable.

We would like to pass on to you the advice of the experts of the WAPPAL PLC : One should take into consideration in every field the quality of stable value, for it is building a new home for its family and creating a cosy environment for the employees. In this spirit we wish that you will find a great pleasure in your new or innovated buildings!

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